Lindenhurst Memorial Library

For Readers

Take a look at some of these reading lists complied by the librarians at the Lindenhurst Memorial Library! These bibliographies all feature eBooks and audiobooks!

Fiction Books  Non-fiction Books


Not sure what you want to read, listen to, or watch? Let us curate some “Librarian Specials” for you, using an online form. Send us the” ingredients” that you like, and our librarians will whip up a “recipe” that includes books, movies, or audio books, based on your favorite genres and authors. Online forms are available for both adults, and children/teens.

You can also find the forms on our adult and youth services blogs.


Looking for a book to read? Sign up for NextReads and get the latest book lists in your inbox each month or logon to Novelist and find book reviews, lists of books in a series, get recommendations based on your favorite titles or authors and more! You can also browse lists of award winning titles, explore titles in different genres such as Romance, Mystery and Adventure and over 50,000 non-fiction titles.


Library by Mail

District residents who cannot visit the Library due to a temporary or permanent condition can receive books, DVD’s, magazines, music CD’s and Books on CD, etc. through our mail delivery service. There is no charge for the service, nor do participants accrue overdue charges. Download the application or apply online here!