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Lindenhurst Memorial Library

Library Building Project Updates

December 2020

It’s a wrap! Our building plans were officially submitted in November, and we anticipate approval on both the roof solar panels (a separate project not in the bond, but covered by a 50% match in a NYS Public Library Construction Grant, and the balance from capital funds) and the building renovation and expansion sometime in late January, early February. The attached rendering shows what the new façade of the building will look like – with the final placement and size of building signage still to come.

What you will start to notice within the building is books that are not circulating often, being moved into storage to make way for work to begin in the late spring. There is a lot of behind the scenes organizing and cleaning out of non-public spaces that needs to occur before construction begins! The Library will be phasing in construction work to concentrated zones, so that parts of the building remain accessible throughout the project to the public. Updates on what this will look like will be coming shortly, once we finalize where the first landing point for public and staff within the building will be for that first phase of construction.

August 2020

The building renovation and project is really starting to take shape – on paper! Our architects are finalizing design and engineering plans with staff input, to send to Albany for SED approval. In the meantime, environmental testing, engineering work, and more is continuing behind the scenes. Physical construction is scheduled to begin in late Spring of 2021. Our Director, Lisa Kropp, is always available to talk with patrons about the building project and library services. She can be reached at lkropp@lindenhurstlibrary.org or by calling 631-957-7759 ext 130.



January 2020

A new year means we are getting closer to a newly renovated library! Behind the scenes work has begun. A complete survey of the property was completed, along with test borings and geotechnical services to prepare for the planned site alterations.  Staff are busy inside the building too – assessing collections to make sure our materials are in good shape, up-to-date, and to also begin the process of identifying what can go into storage when physical construction begins, and what we need on hand for our patron’s ease of access to materials. We are identifying sites where we can offer programs down the road, so there is as little disruption to library services as possible.

Design development and building plans are being worked on with our architects and construction management, in order to finalize them and send plans to the NYS Department of Education for approval. SED approval takes many months, which is why you won’t see many physical changes to the existing site for most of this year.


Our Director, Lisa Kropp, is always available to talk with patrons about the building project and library services. She can be reached at lkropp@lindenhurstlibrary.org or by calling 631-957-7759.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will work begin?

A. As a school district public library, the building project falls under NYS Education Department review, which can be a lengthy process. Actual construction is not slated to start until early 2021.


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