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My Library Account Features


Your online Library Account gives you convenient access to many features

  • To find out when borrowed materials are due, click on “Items currently checked out.”
  • To renew borrowed materials, select “Items currently checked out.” You can sort by date, renew all items, or renew selected items. Select an item by clicking in the box to the left. If no renewal is available, no check box will appear. (Note: You may not renew items that have outstanding holds or have reached a maximum number of renewals.) To determine if you have successfully renewed an item, check the “status” column for confirmation. Example: DUE 01-14-21 RENEWED. Now due 02-04-21 Renewed 1 time
  • Auto Renew
    Auto renew is available! Your borrowed items will be renewed automatically as long as there are: no other holds on them, you have not exceeded the maximum number of renewals, or you owe more than $10.00. 3 day items do not qualify for auto renew. An email will let you know what has been renewed and what is not eligible.
  • To request an item, Click in the blank search box at the top of the screen. When you’ve found the item, click “Request.” At the login screen, enter your barcode and password.
  • To cancel a request, click on “requests (holds).” Select the requests you wish to cancel by clicking in the box to the left of the title and click “Update Holds.” The canceled request will be removed from the list.
  • To “freeze” requests, select the requests you wish to freeze by clicking in the box to the right of the title and click “Update Holds.” Your requests will be suspended until you “unfreeze” them. You will not lose your place in the queue. When you are available to check out items, you can “unfreeze” your requests. This option is particularly useful if you expect to be out of town or unavailable to pick up materials. Please note that your requested materials will not become available until you “unfreeze” your requests.
  • Preferred Searches is a list of catalog searches that you have saved. You will be updated via e-mail of newly added titles which may be of interest to you based on your preferred searches.
  • My Lists is a feature you create while searching the catalog. “My Lists” saves titles which you would like to request or borrow in the future. This feature will also alert you to possibly duplicating what you may have already checked out by comparing your list with your Reading History list.
  • My Reading History is a feature that maintains a list of books you’ve borrowed. To activate this feature, select “Opt In.” A history of your borrowed and returned items will now begin. You may delete any or all items in the list at any time. To stop recording a list of items you have borrowed, click “Opt Out.”
  • With Change My Contact Information, you can enter a(n):
    • Username in place of your barcode when logging into your Library Account. Enter an easy-to-remember, unique username into the field labeled “username” and click Submit. (Your username will not be accepted if there is a space between words. Try using an underscore instead.) If the username you have selected is not already in use, it will now be available to use in place of your barcode.
    • Email Address. This option permits you to receive email updates to alert you when borrowed items are due, when items are overdue, and when reserved items are available.
    • Text Message Alerts. This option permits you to receive text messages to your phone to alert you when borrowed items are due, when items are overdue, and when reserved items are available.

Pay Fines Online

Lindenhurst Memorial Library fines and lost items totaling over $1.00 may be paid online using Visa© and MasterCard©. Within the “My Account” section, select “Unpaid fines and bills.” Click on “Pay Your Library Fines Online,” and select the fines you wish to pay. Complete the form and click “Submit.”

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